Our Program


Our goal is to remain affordable while providing quality. We are happy to have one of the lowest tutiion rates in the Des Moines Metro area.


Level assessments are done throughout the year to ensure what is being taught is being retained. 


Being a smaller company allows us to tailor the material to your child. We may start at a certain level, but have the abiliy to customize as we go.





Get Packets

Attend Class

  • Schedule a FREE assessment & go over plan for your child.

  • Reassess at the end of every level to gage retention and proficiency.

  • Register online, or in person.

  • Select the two evenings per week you will likely attend and the subject(s) of interest.

  • Every week, pick-up your new individualized packets.

  • Six days of packets provided to work on at home as well.

  • Two hours, two evenings, for a total of four hours of class time a week!

  • Learn new concepts and put to work in your packets.

Mail or Pick-up

  • Schedule a FREE assessment.

  • We will email the assessment and have you email the completed test back. The same for level assessments.


  • Register online for the subject(s) of interest.

  • Consultative phone call about child's plan for curriculum.


Get Packets

  • We will mail one month of packets at a time.

  • Your child will complete at home and you will regiter their progress.


  • Monthly check-ins via email or phone call to see how your child is progressing and adjust as needed.


Monthly Tuition
What's Indcluded?
Tutoring 1:1 - any subject
$40 per hour
Help student with school work, or use MindZone material
Material Only
$40 per subject
Free shipping, or pick-up locally
Class - 3 Subjects
3 classes per week @ 2 hours each
Class - 1 Subject
2 classes per week @ 1 hour each OR one class per week @ 2 hours each
Class - 2 Subjects
2 classes per week @ 2 hours each


Click on subject for details per grade